How long does it take a spell to work?

I cannot honestly tell you how long it will take a spell to work. Every spell, every person, and every situation is unique. One person might experience relief from a spell literally overnight while the next might have to wait weeks. However, most of my spells work in a few days to weeks. The more powerful the Witch, the more experienced the Witch, the faster the spells will work!

Another factor that goes into how fast a spell will work is the level of power within that spell. Put simply, the more power that goes into a spell the faster it will begin to work. If you want your spell to work as extra fast you should look into one of the extra power options that are available. On the other hand, you honestly might not need this – my spells work very fast regularly!

An important element that determines how fast spells will work is also the situation. If you are in a difficult situation and you don’t tackle it with the most power available to you, but rather opt for a standard spell, you might find that it is taking longer than you had hoped. If you know your situation to be an especially difficult one I advise you to treat it appropriately and tackle it with as much power as you can. Difficult situations will take longer to manifest results, unless you use the power necessary for a really tough job!

A final crucial point regarding the speed and effectiveness of spells; spell casting requires that you maintain high levels of positive energy as well as keep your casting a secret. If you don’t faithfully believe that the spell will work and you don’t keep the casting a secret, this can make the spell work more slowly (and in some cases break it completely). It is therefore very important that you put your faith in whomever is casting your spell so that you can keep your positive energy high and your trust with them.