How do you break a curse that is already in effect?

Although the exact method I use for breaking curses is a secret of my Coven, I am able to give you some details and imagery on how it works. First, conceptualize a curse in visual terms. Imagine the curse as something that is upon you, kind of like if you were covered in mud.

A curse removal begins by cleansing away the harmful spiritual energies that are clinging to you, much like the mud would cling to your body. The first step in the ritual is the cleansing of the curse, removing all surface effects of the curse from you. Think of this like washing the mud off of your body with a garden hose.

The next step involves leeching the curse out of you. Although mud is only on the surface, a curse will penetrate deep into your aura, body, and on occasion even the soul. It must be drawn out. Similar to leeching a poison out of your body, effective curse removals, such as the process I use, leech the destructive cursed substances out of you.

The final step involves breaking the actual curse. Even after the curse is removed it must be broken or it will likely come back. What many people don’t realize is that most curses are designed, like a boomerang, to return once they are removed! After the curse is removed steps must be taken to break the harmful magic that is in place. To help you visualize this, imagine the curse as a complicated piece of machinery. This step of the ritual is akin to taking a hammer to the machinery – it simply destroys it, making the complex pieces unable to fit together and function.

A follow-up that I always recommend is a barrier protection spell. Just like many curses have the built-in safeguard that they return if lifted, advanced curses also have built-in safeguards that allow them to repair themselves once broken! So, even after the curse is broken it can automatically fix itself, come back, and the whole nightmare starts over again. Therefore, it is very important to use the time after the curse is broken to protect yourself with a spell specifically for this job. Not doing this is very risky and is just asking for more heartache down the line.