How do love spells work?

The exact way a love spell works depends on many things. These include the spell itself, the type of magic, the person casting the spell, and the person the spell is being cast for. For example, let us examine one type of spell, the traditional love spell cast upon a person to make them fall in love with you. This would be any love spell that is cast upon a man or woman in order to make them fall in love with yourself or another person.

This love spell would work differently than, say, a spell to find a new lover. A spell to find a new lover would try and attract, or draw in, the spiritually aligned energy necessary for a relationship. Conversely, a love spell cast upon a specific person would work on that person alone. As an analogy, compare traditional fishing with a pole versus spear fishing. In fishing with a pole, a hook is cast and any fish that decides to take the bait would bite it. In spear fishing, a specific fish is located and then shot with a spear gun. A spell to find a new lover would be like fishing with a hook, whereas a spell to make someone fall in love with you would be like spear fishing. Both would work, but with different results. So you see, as there are plenty of fish in the sea (pun intended) there is also a spell for each and every romantic desire.

Returning to a love spell to make a specific person fall in love with you, this could also work in a number of ways. Typically the biggest difference here is if the spell will involve a manipulation of free will or not. A person can be forced, so to speak, to fall in love with you. Or they can be gently guided toward loving you. These are the differences between spells that manipulate free will and spells that do not. A number of ethical concerns arise when spells that manipulate free will are used, and these will be covered in more depth in Are Love Spells Ethical?

Additionally, the type of magic used will affect the specific mechanism regarding how the spell works. For example, a Voodoo spell may work differently than a Wiccan spell. While a Voodoo spell will rely upon the ancestral Lwa of the Voodoo tradition, a Wiccan spell will rely upon the Goddess. I personally do not believe that any magical tradition is “better” than the next – all use spiritual energy simply put into the different contexts of their historical backgrounds. And all will work. What is important is finding the one with the closest link and affinity to you personally, as well as finding someone with skill and experience who can cast it for you correctly.

Let us examine another example: the love spell to stop cheating and infidelity. Needless to say, this will work quite differently than a spell to make someone love you! A spell of this nature may either be a barrier-erecting spell or it may be a binding spell. If your partner is prone to cheating, then you are looking to bind that person to you. If you are trying to protect your partner from a specific man or woman leading him or her astray, then you would use a barrier spell.

In binding a person to you spiritual energy is linked in order to prevent that person from going astray. In erecting a spiritual barrier, you are essentially placing protection around that individual. Imagine a man or a woman attempting to pursue your partner, but constantly running into obstacles that keep him or her away. This is what the spell would do – keep unscrupulous individuals away from your spouse or lover!

I have only intended for this to be a cursory explanation on the multitude of ways love spells can work. I offer all types of love spells on this website, plus you are invited to email me with any questions if you would like to learn more.