Are your spells absolutely safe?

Yes! All of my spells are 100% safe. I use only non-harmful, White magics in the casting of my spells. Further, I have selected the safest spells that have proven themselves time and time again to be non-harmful and benevolent. There is nothing dangerous or even remotely harmful in any of the magic or spells that I use.

There is some debate about a “Law of Three” or spells that you use coming back to you. Additionally, many people have included love spells in this. However, this is misleading if not entirely wrong. While evil spells can come back to you, good spells will only bring you good! All of the spells I use are non-manipulative, non-harmful, and rooted in positive energy. No negativity or harm can come from any of them. If anything “comes back to you” it will be purely good!

With every spell I cast I also erect barriers of protection to ensure that no unintended side effects or backfiring can occur. Many casters, most of whom are new to the magical arts, fail to do this. This is similar to installing electrical wiring without proper gloved protection! If the electrician does it improperly, they will be shocked without the insulated rubber gloves! Similarly, if a caster fails to work a spell properly it can backfire. You are only protected if each and every spell includes insulation from harmful effects, as mine do! So, fear not – every one of my spells is fully protected and 100% safe.