Am I Cursed?

Am I cursed – this is a question we have all asked ourselves at one point or another. For those of you who are sensitive to spiritual energy you may be able to easily tell. Simply, the best method for answering this question is to ask yourself; “Do I feel cursed?” If the answer is yes, there is a good chance you have been cursed.

Most people who are under the effects of a curse, hex, harmful spell or even benevolent spell can tell. People tend to know not only about the curse, but also have a good idea of who placed it upon them and why. Exception to this are generational and family curses, which may extend down a family line from grandparents, to parents, to children and so on. In this case, the descendants may know nothing about the curse. However, aside from this exception there is a good chance if a curse has been placed upon you that you will know it.

Curses can manifest in almost every way imaginable. Some curses target your finances, causing you to lose money and be constantly broke. Others make you unlucky so that you will experience different types of misfortune at every turn. A person might lose his or her purse, next fall down and break a wrist, and finally go home to find that their car had been stolen! Alternately, curses can impact your love life. Breakups, fights, and infidelity can all result from curses.

This last type of curse – a curse that impacts your love life – is especially common. One reason this is so common is because people know they can use magic to get back at exes who they feel have hurt them, break up couples they are jealous of, and even use such spells to steal away a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. There are a lot of serious emotions at play when love is involved, so people are more than willing to seek out casters who will do curses on their behalf.

If you are still unsure if you have been cursed or not, you can find a psychic or Tarot reader who can tell you for sure. A good psychic is like a forensic scientist – they are able to detect the spiritual patterns of all types of curses. If a curse is upon you, to the skilled psychic it will be as visible as the clothes on your body. Finding a skilled psychic is key if you want to be absolutely certain regarding the nature of the curse, hex, or spell haunting you.

Finally, if you are cursed you should not despair. I sincerely believe that every curse can be broken. I have many years of experience doing just this and I have never, not once, encountered a curse too powerful for me to lift. Although some are very strong and difficult, once a curse is identified it is always possible to remove it. The implication this has for your life is that the curse is temporary and there is always something you can have done about it.